Two Male Guinea Pigs for Adoption in Statesboro, Georgia

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Guinea Pigs
Georgia - GA
I am selling two teenage male guinea pigs along with their habitat and all necessary accessories. They are super cute, love-able and sweet, I just cannot have them in my new apartment. I will only give them to a loving home that is willing to take on the responsibility. They require 1/8 cup of guinea pig food and fresh veggies on a daily basis and Timothy hay available to them at all times. Their cage also needs to be cleaned out once a week which takes 10-15 minutes at the most)
Here is all that is included:
-Gus (black) and Clarence (tan)
-Midwest style cage with an upper level and a one-square-foot extension (I will also include the black squares pictured for building additional extensions)
-2 water bottles
-2 food bowls
-1 bag of food (about 90% is left)
-5 hideaways (you can take them all or choose the ones you want and I will donate the others to the Humane Society)
-1/2 a bag of bedding
-45 puppy training pads to go under the bedding (this makes the cage 10 times easier to clean)
-3 fleece blankets to use for under the extension and on the second level
-1 nail trimmer
-2 hay holders

Contact me at (678)-634-3142
Serious Inquiries only please! They are brothers so I will only give them away together to a loving home.
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