Tiger Tabby Kitten for Sale


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Domestic Shorthair
This cute little guy was born October 4th and was the first to find his way out of the birthing box and every subsequent barrier I put up until they were all old enough to explore the house, and the first to learn to use the litter box! He's an intrepid explorer and super curious, playful and smart, but very well-behaved and knows what No means. He's super loving and purrs happily when petted, which he loves. He looks at you with such intelligence when you speak to him, it's almost as if he knows what you're saying! He's got handsome markings, with stripes and spots in an unusual pattern and large pointy ears and a cute upturned nose, like a little elf cat! He's had a vet exam and is in excellent health, has a microchip and vaccines and is ready to go to a loving home. I've got the documents from the vet to give to you. He's been raised indoors from birth with his mom and brother and 2 sisters and fed only grain-free kitten food and spring water. I hate to give him up but he'll make somebody so happy! He can be neutered at the Humane Society for $10 once he's yours if you wish. He's a great companion to his sister, posted here under Beautiful Female Lynx Point Siamese Kitten.