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Oh boy do I have some pictures for you all!
The Murphy Household has always been like a little mini zoo. At one point in time, years before we moved to SC I think we had a max of 14 Animals in our house at once!

That's quite a lot for a small little family of four! But we all took great care of our fluffy, feathery and scaly friends-- they all lived long and happy lives, and MAN do I miss some of them!
Especially Tweety and his brother Sky. Tweety and Sky were the most spazzy, yet adorable little parakeets~

Now, for our current animal family members:
We've got two dogs, both girls named Tasha, and Suzette. Then we've got two cat sisters, named Snickers and Mango.

Here's all four on my parent's bed, where they usually are most times of day:


Tasha is the big 'ole brown one:


She's a mix of a Rottweiler, Pitbull and Mastiff! She's a big girl, but also an absolute blockhead and a snuggly monster. When she is laying down she must be in contact with you at all times.

Then there's the cranky old lady of the house, Suzette:


She's going on 14 I believe this year, so she is OLD but man does she still have some spunk at times! This lady has many nicknames, some being: Demon. Blackness Everdeen. Hellhound. Literally just cranky old lady. The list goes on~

Then there's the cat sisters we adopted quite some years ago~
First we have Mango!


She used to be more antisocial than her sister, but since being with us for a while and moving, she's become super loving and cuddly~ She's a goofy little thing who will bat around just about any little loose piece of paper she finds on the floor.
As you can imagine, her psychotic sister Snickers is that Calico! Or "Tortoiseshell" now as they call it I believe.

Continuing below with more pictures~


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As promised, a Continuation~

Here's another picture of Snickers, to show off her adorably insane attitude and those amazing colors:


Then, the current last member of the house, and my own personal pet right now:

Mopani Peeking XD.jpg

My pet Ball Python, Mopani!
I love this adorable little noodle. I love him so much~
He is also an annoying, curious and nosy little turd but I love him~

More pictures to hopefully show off his awesome colors, since he's a "Bald Enchi Pinstripe" Morph~

Mopani - OLD - Butthurt XD.jpg

Sneaking Mopani 2.jpg

I love him~ XD

All right, that's all of them for now!
Toodles~ !