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This is the perfect forum to show off your pet breeding business or hobby. I'd like to take a moment to offer a few suggestions for posting in this area so visitors get the most out of who you are and what you have to offer.

1. With the title of your post, give the name of your breeding service. If you call yourself "Sunny Side German Shepherds," make that the title of your post. Don't title your post after what you currently have to sell or rehome, such as "We Have 3 Kittens to Sell." This is the "Breeders" section and your posts will remain here, whether or not you currently have any litters to sell.

2. Describe your business. Tell others what you do and what makes you so special. Tell everyone what types of animals you deal with, how many you generally have to offer per any given time and what your prices are.

3. Tell people where you are located. City and state are fine. Don't get too personal with street names unless you have a physical business location somewhere and don't mind people dropping by.

4. Give your contact information. The best thing to do here is to redirect interested parties to your social media pages or website. It's not wise to leave your phone number or email address on forums or websites, so be sure to give people other methods for contacting you.

5. Tell buyers how you can transfer the animal to them. Do you offer shipping, meet half way or pick up only?

An example of a post in this forum might be:

Johnny's Fantastic Poodles

I've been breeding poodles for most of my life (over 40 years) and my puppies are always A+ quality. I have many references from happy customers that I could share at a moment's notice. All animals come vet checked and with toys and health guarantees. In general, we have 3 to four litters per year with our many dogs. The prices range from $800 to $1000, depending on the specific puppy.

I'm located in Phoenix, Arizona and you can visit my website at You can also visit me on Facebook or Instagram.

As for you acquiring your new best friend, I offer local pickup only. I'll meet you within a 30 miles radius of where I'm located, so contact me for my address.
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