Sugar Gliders for Sale

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Sugar Gliders
Have young adult breeding pair Mosaic/W Face Sugar Gliders.. Selling Babies. A Bro/Sis 4 months old and have 2 boys just Out of pouch. Looking for good homes (we spend hours a day) in return for a very low price. They require attention 30 mins a day. Large cage, specific diet! Text for more pics, videos, details. I am in Jonesville Va 24263. Can deliver within reason. If you get male/female.. One will need fixed. Make an offer for 1,2,3,4. Ratherbleep in pairs. They do much better with a buddy. Very loveable! They will sleep on you. Very VERY little smell of u keep them on proper diet.
Dave 276-832-2200
Pet Stores welcome to inquire. I juat ask u sell them to someone that will care for them. Again.. Text me and i will send pics and vids. On FB as well.
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