Shar-Pei/Stratfordshire Terrier Mix for Sale

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Shar Pei, Stratfordshire Terrier
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If you like kisses and shaking hands, this is the one for you! Our girl is a beautiful wrinkly Shar Pei/Stratfordshire Terrier mix. She's very affectionate, quiet and always ready to play! She's house/crate trained and attention motivated--she'll do anything to please you!

A promotion at work comes with a heavy travel schedule, and we don't want to keep her boarded or crated for extended periods of time. Her new family should be prepared to take her on daily walks or some other activity to work off her energy. Let her be a part of the family, she's happy to just sit at your feet while you watch TV, but she LOVES to be brushed or petted and will sometimes put her head on your lap just to let you know she's there. She's a heavy chewer, so appropriate chew toys are necessary otherwise she'll turn to her bedding as a chew toy.

She does well with small children and is not aggressive towards other dogs. She's very gentle with our two year old. We have not paired her with other animals, and have no information on how she'd fare with a cat or other pets.

She's perfectly healthy: up to date on shots, has been spayed and has has entropion surgery in both eyes to prevent the wrinkles in her face from causing her eyelashes to scratch her corneas. She doesn't shed much and rarely has an odor.

We'll include her crate, bed, toys, treats, food and bin, flea/tick treatment, collars/leashes, medical insurance through the end of the month

When responding, please include information about your family and experience with dogs.


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