Rare Munchkin Lynx Point Siamese Kitten for Sale

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Munchkin Lynx Point Siamese
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$1,500 OBO
Meet Bumble, a cute little ball of very thick creamy fur with grayish beige tiger stripes on his face and body and darker stripes on his butt and legs and Siamese points! He's got dark blue eyes and an adorable round face.
He was born October 4th with his sister and brother, (ads here entitled Beautiful Female Lynx Point Siamese Kitten and Sweet Little Tiger Boy Kitten!). He bounces like a bunny on his short little legs but his size doesn't stop him from climbing, chasing and playing and literally rolling on his fat little tummy, so adorable! He's in excellent health and NOT microchipped, neutered or vaccinated, that would be your choice. He's only been fed grain-free kitten food and spring water, too. I've never used pesticides on him, only food-grade diatomaceous earth to prevent fleas, which works well.
He has the tiniest little "meow" and uses it as he looks waaay up at you as his way of saying "pick me up!" He loves to cuddle on your lap and although he doesn't purr loudly, you can feel the vibrations of his purring. I call him Bumble because of the way he bumbles around on his short little legs and because he's fat and round like a bumblebee, and he seems to know his name, but of course you can easily rename him. He and his siblings have been given lots of attention and love and all are very socialized and will make great furry companions!