Need to Re-home our Dog in Apopka, Florida


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Hello, looking to find our dog Timber a good home. We are in the process of preparing our home to be sold and move and where we are going has very limited space, also we have a cat and have tried to introduce them but they don't get along. We rescued him from Orange County about 2 months ago and originally planned to take him with us when we move but after having him know he wont be happy where we are going. There wont be enough space for him also with the cat and him in such a small space it will not work. Hes a big boy and needs a home that has lots of space to roam and play. I want to find him a good home and not give him back to a rescue or shelter.

Timber is updated on all vaccines his next rabies is due in August. He was on flea and heart worm prevention at the rescue but I haven't started him on any prevention yet, I'm not big on medications, etc. so I've been hesitant on starting till I've done enough research to find the best/safest one. In the meantime I've been using natural drops and spray for flea prevention. He's had an occasional flea here and there from going outside to play but no major problem with them. He is neutered and micro chipped.

His last Vet visit was Feb. 19 and at that time I brought up concern over some bumps I had noticed on him and the Vet said he has some environmental skin allergies so they gave me a prescription which worked but they came back after. To avoid having to go the prescription route again I decided to switch his food and use hypoallergenic shampoo which has worked to keep it under control with very few bumps. When he does get bumps he doesn't seem bothered by them or itch them.

About Timber:
-2 years old (full grown) weighs around 75 lbs.
-Not 100% certain on breed but his Vet said he looks like a Black Mouth Cur
-House Trained -Inside dog and plays outside -Sleeps in crate at night, roams house loose during the day and when we're away
-Knows commands like sit, stay, down, come, drop, shake, no, etc. (He knew these when we got him so we've been working on them with him)
-Walks on a leash
-Eats Dry Food -Good with children (we have 3 children aged 6, 11 and 15) and all people, even new people.
-Good with other dogs (We've taken him to the dog park and he plays nice and shows no aggression)
-Not good with cats
-Loves, Loves, Loves!! playing fetch with a ball, retrieves and brings back.

He's really a great dog overall, has lots of energy, is loving and playful. He will be happy with someone who has enough space for him inside and out and time to play with him and even other dogs to play with too. Please only contact me if you can provide this environment and care for him or know someone that can. He comes with paperwork, collar, leash, food, treats, toys, shampoo and an XL Crate.

I will charge a re-home fee of $100


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