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My favorite pet is a black and red male German Shepherd we rescued. We first spotted him a number of years ago on our road one day and he quickly ran to hide in some thickets nearby...just down the road from our house. Then we thought somebody must have picked him up because we had not seen him for a couple weeks. And then we saw him again in that same spot two weeks later. We knew we had to rescue this dog. He was starving and was extremely fearful of people. Apparently, he had been abused at some point in his life and wanted nothing to do with people. We would frequently take food to him (which he always quickly devoured) and would bring the bowl closer and closer to our house until one day we finally lured him inside our gated property and shut the gate behind him. Having nowhere to run and hide, he would just keep his distance from us as we did our barn chores and things around the house throughout the day. But we would talk kindly to him and offered him treats and continued feeding him and pretty soon he warmed right up to us! Within 2 days we were best friends! We gave him the love he had always longed for and as a result today he has been the most loyal dog I've ever had! He's always ready to accompany me on any adventure I embark on! We named him Sparky because of the "spark" he brought to our lives! One day he saved one of my chickens that was getting attacked by a mink! He's the sweetest dog and will always hold a very special place in my heart. I believe he is my special gift from God and I thank Him for bringing him to me! Sparky also happens to be the father of 6 German Shepherd puppies we we're blessed with on December 29, 2018. His pups are now 8 weeks old and are all healthy, playful little guys and gals! And they're all super sweet-just like daddy! Two have sold but we still have 4 left...2 males and 2 females. They're ready to go to new homes now! They are $500 each with first round of shots included. If you're interested in one of Sparky and Ginger's puppies, feel free to call this number: 517-425-2687. We can also text pictures of the pups but please call first.

We are located in Hillsdale, Michigan.

So that is the story of how God brought Sparky into my life! God bless and thanks for reading!

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