Mini Chinese Shar-Pei and Basset Hound Mix for Sale


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Mini Chinese Shar-Pei and Basset Hound Mix
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$300 or Best Offer
My husband and I have a BEAUTIFUL 21 week old Walrus puppy named Zora. She's a mix of a Chinese shar-pei and mini Basset hound. Her colouring is a wonderful fawn color and she weighs at about 16 lbs and AKC certified and unspayed.

We bought her a month ago, but her lively puppy energy has scared our 9 month old daughter to many times with the scratches and knocking her over, that she can't be in the same room as her anymore without crying. It absolutely breaks my heart to have to find her a new home, but she needs to be out of her crate more than she is now. I want her to have a house and room where she can run around, bark, and play like the lively adorable puppy she is and that she deserves.

She is potty trained, and almost fully trained with the command sit. Both breeds that she is are very smart, so she will learn everything you want to teach her, but beware of the stubborn quality these she has! She is a bit skiddish from being in a pet store a few weeks before we brought her home, and sometimes it still shows. But, she has a huge bark when it comes to play time and her wonderful personality comes out!

The price is negotiable, but I will be firm at a certain price as I want to assure she goes to a GOOD AND LOVING HOME.
This price includes:
Medium crate
Food- she's been on Nutri Source since she was born
2 leashes- 1 leather, and 1 medium size that is retractable
2 collars- 1 regular, and 1 harness
A blye fleece like sweater
A semi chewd fluff bed (she's teething)
Potty training pads
2 types of training sprays- bitter works, helps to train them not to bite or scratch at spots due to irritation on their body. It can also be used on household goods like shoes and furniture that you don't want torn up.
And- Housebreaking aid. Helps to potty train or deter them from going potty in the house in their favorite areas.
Waste pick up poop bags. Currently 9.5 rolls left.
Dog brush
Nail clippers- unopendd
Tooth brush set- unopened
1.5 packs of bath mittens that require no rinsing!
3 month supply of an unopened package of ZoGaurd Plus- for fleas, ticks, etc
Natures Miracle- stain and odor remover

This is more than a $500+ value ALONE!
We just want to make sure she goes to a good home since we couldn't be the right one for her. Please contact me if you think you could be the perfect forever home for Zora. If you don't, then please don't waste our time.
Thank you!!


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