Mastadors for Sale in Slate Lick, Pennsylvania


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December 27, 2018
Slate Lick
Pennsylvania - PA
I have 7 puppies left out of 8 for adoption.
3 girls 4 boys. $575 ready to go to good loving homes.
Mom and dad are pictured.
Mom is Hershey a lab and she sits smaller at 65-75 pounds at normal weight without puppies or feeding them.
Keyser is a English/French Mastiff mix sitting at 145 pounds.
This is their 3 and final litter.
I have Mastador puppies in NY, WV, OH, PA and Oregon state. I do not ship my puppies so all must speak with me on phone prior to being allowed in my home to meet mom, dad, puppies, myself and see how they are raised.
My puppies have health certificate, health records, info on breed, a contract stating you will maintain puppy/dog in good health, I do stay in touch with all that adopt over a Facebook page as it states in contract. You are able to see puppies through first 8-10 weeks or until they go home. You then can stay in touch or see where all puppies in your litter have gone or talk to others that adopted from other litters.
Puppies will have first shots, be wormed 3 times, health certificate, info on breed, health records, bathed, nails trimmed, bag of puppy food and contract. The contract will be your receipt as well show how much you put down on puppy and what is due at pick up. I will not except any money, check, PayPal unless I talk to you one phone and meet you in person and have a signed contract you have read and if you have questions PLEASE ADK THEM. If you are interested you will want to speak with someone about puppies.
I included pictures of parents and puppies for adoption. I am sure if you want pictures of puppies from past litters my families will supply pictures, age of pup at time of picture and weight.
Puppies are raised with children, cats, other dogs, and socialize and loved. They are raised around cats, small dogs and children. I have also pictures of pups from previous litters if you wish to see them.


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