Lilly Scottish Fold Lilac Silver Marbled Kitten for Sale in San Jose, California

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Scottish Fold
San Jose
California - CA
Lilly SFS cs 22 Lilack Silver Marbled
DOB: 10.15.18

Sweet Lilly will come to you with veterinary health guarantee certificate, up to date on shots, dewormed and microchipped. Lilly is potty trained and eats a mix of raw diet and cat food for best health. This lil darling lives in San Jose, CA. She is raised in a household with a French Bulldog and other cats, so will not have any issues adjusting if you have other furry kids in the house. She is well loved and held by us thus socially very well adjusted.

Recognized by its unusual ears, which fold forward and downward, the Scottish Fold is an affectionate and gentle breed that can get along well with both children and other pets, provided it is properly introduced.
Scottish Fold Personality and Temperament
Activity Level - Low to moderate
Gentle, intelligent and extremely well-adjusted, the Scottish Fold is also very affectionate. And though it can get very attached to its people, it will not be a pest or a nuisance. Like many other cats, it enjoys playing, but is especially responsive to training.

Things to Consider
Because the breed is rare to begin with and not every kitten born has folded ears (only about half of the Folds born actually develop their signature folded ears), it can be difficult to acquire a Scottish Fold as the supply does not always keep up with the demand for the breed.

Ideal Living Conditions
An adaptable breed, Scottish Folds are generally comfortable in a variety of situations and can handle a room full of children and pets just the same as they would a single-person apartment. As long as they are properly introduced, they adjust to new environments and people very well.


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