Kc Reg Proven Fully Health Tested Cavalier at Stud

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Kc Reg Proven Fully Health Tested Cavalier At Stud

Our boy, kessler, is a stunning kc reg proven Blenheim boy at stud
He is champion sired with an impressive pedigree.
He has an amazing temperament he loves his cuddles on the sofa, and playing with the grandchildren.

Having worked in a large veterinary practice for a number of years i have ensured that He is clear for all the relevant conditions that Cavaliers genetically carries the gene for.

He is clear for
Eposodic Falling
Dry Eye
Curly Coat
Degenerative Myelopathy

Clear Heart Certificate for MVD
Clear Eye Certificate BVA Unaffected MRD And HC
All the paperwork is here to be seen

He looks forward to meeting your girls who will have 2 matings 48 hours apart, i am more then happy to offer help and advice re mating, whelping, weaning you are very welcome to share my 39 years worth of knowledge as a hobby breeder please feel free to call .

He will self tye but Artificial insemination is available as some owners/breeders have a preference to use this service for their girls. this is a service i can provide for an extra fee and is done by a fully qualified technician.


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