ISO Ferrets for Sale in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Myrtle Beach
South Carolina - SC

I've got two nice healthy fluff noodles that are officially being adopted to me! I'll be picking them up and bringing them to their new home on Sunday!

We're heading out to my Brother's Military Graduation tomorrow, and I can't quite remember when we'll be back, but it won't be long. DEFINITELY not the whole week!
Until then, and until Sunday, toodles folks~ !

I am so excited! XD

~ ~

Hello DailyPet Community~ !

I've been "stalking" this thread for a little while, but decided to simply put my own Thread here in hopes of making things go more smoothly.

I'm on the lookout for some Ferrets to adopt!
I am willing to take in up to four, but no less than two-- as much as I know I'd be able to spoil the heck out of them if I only got one, adopting them out with their buddies is much nicer, and my minimum for a while now has been two. So that's how that goes!
I live in SC, but am willing to travel a ways into NC as well-- I BADLY want some fluff noodles~

I have past experience with ferrets due to my family history, as we used to own 2-3 of them in the past on many occasions. It's been a while but I want to get back into owning them again! However, they will be my personal pets this time, rather family pets~ I have plenty of time and space for these little guys!
I have a fully prepared cage with litter, food, water, beds, the whole nine yards waiting for them at home~

I AM willing to pay for them if there is an adoption fee, as long as it's not too high.

Please get in contact with me if you've got any ferrets you're trying to rehome~ !
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