Hedgehogs for sale in rhode island and massachusetts


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Rhode Island
Baby hedgehogs available.

Many beautiful colors available!


These are healthy hoglets from a licensed keeper. You don't need to resort to an illegal "back yard" breeder to get an affordable hoglet that is healthy, pedigreed & not inbred.
Many pet parents don't know that a federal license is required to breed and sell hedgehogs. That results in good people unknowingly supporting illegal activity when buying a hedgehog from an unlicensed party.
All hedgehogs within my breeding program recieve veterinary care. They're housed appropriately and recieve a natural based nutrition plan.
Responsible breeding of hedgehogs is pivotal to preserving the species as a pet & to continue our learning about this mysterious creature!
"Breeding with a purpose" is my motto and ethical standard. Providing an affordable alternative to illegal breeders is my goal.


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