Hand Raised Bengal Kittens for Sale in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin - WI
We have a Litter of Bengal Babies born 8/16/18 ready for adoption.
There is 1 male (silver w/ black rosettes) and 2 females ( 1black and 1brown with spots) available. Mother is a silver seal spotted snow and father is brown/black rosetted. Both parents up to date on shots. Khaleesi’s past litters are know to be very playful, a little mischievous but very big lovers. They love to play, learn and snuggle.

My reddish brown spotted girl has high energy, is very playful and super fast. She is more territorial than her other sister, as she has a very strong personality. She loves to sleep in between legs and get some snuggles in and also loves feather toys.

My black female Bengal has a more timid personality. She truly is the sweetie of the bunch. She roams with the pack but also likes to do her own thing. But super adorable- if she can’t find you she calls for you. Her black fur is silky smooth and a little long so her spots are hard to see.
The spotted male is a big eyed Honey who will keep you entertained all day by tossing his favorite pillow toy in the air. He has the most adorable tan underbelly that is covered in spots and the most beautiful rosettes above. He is very vocal and loves to eat 😹

Adopted kittens will be up to date on shots and will also come with a care package and goodie bag to help them settle in their new homes


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