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German Shepherd
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My beautiful, wonderful 3 year old pup, Ghost needs a new home. I'm devastated. My baby had blood work which confirmed he is extremely allergic. It has caused asthma attacks, his eyes are always swollen and red, and cannot stop itching. We have tried everything and cannot get baby relief. Our allergist doctor told us the only way to alleviate him of this is to find a new home for our dog.
I want a better life for Ghost than being outside.
Ghost is extremely smart, loyal, and loving.
She is trained to: heel, here, sit, lay down, stay, shake.
Ghost will alert you to strangers approaching your home. She does not bark 'for no reason.'
She has been around small children, including a newborn, for more than 2 years. My older child is 2.5 yo.
She will not harm a fly. She will chase wild animals, but then play with them or leave them.
She is used to being around other dogs. She has a goldendoodle big sister that we may also have to try and rehome. She has 3 dog cousins (a tiny Shih Tzu, a bull dog, and a GSD).
Please contact me at 469-993-9511 for more information.

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