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German Shepherd
Date Born
2 Years Old
Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog - Male German Shepherd - 2 years old

AMAZING DOG. Excellent around children. Well behaved and patient around other animals.

Needing a new home due to owner moving. Video of training as well as his papers available for those who are serious about re-homing him. Some of the training he has received is as follows:

*obedience - (on leash and off leash)

*trained to protect the home

*trained to respond loudly and aggressively if anyone approaches the house

*trained to cease aggressive posture if visitor is a friend by giving the dog the "out, friend" command

*if that visitor then comes back and tries to enter the house and you are not there, the dog will protect the house.

*if that visitor attacks you or a member of your family in the house the dog will defend you and yours

*when walking in the neighborhood the dog will be your personal bodyguard, the dog is trained to anticipate dangerous situations and to be on constant alert.

*if someone friendly approaches, simply give the "out-friend" command and the dog will maintain his alert status and be on guard for any aggressive act by the other person

*in your vehicle the dog will guard your contents and you. When you leave the vehicle you can keep ....the window half-way down if the dog sees any aggressive action against you he will go through the window and defend you.

*in the event of a confrontation and the attacker attempts to flee, the dog will pursue, even from over 25 yards (if the dog is not by your side)

*the dog will maintain his attack until given the "out" command, and after that will watch the person for any sign of aggressive action.

*ONLY SERIOUS OFFERS PLEASE - call/text to discuss pricing


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