French Bulldog for Sale in Nottingham, New Hamphsire

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French Bulldog
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New Hampshire - NH
Hello, I am looking for the perfect family for my make French bulldog. He was born 12/21/16. I will give you all the good and bad. First, I have 2 French bulldogs both males that will NOT stop fighting and I have been hurt a few times trying to break them up as the both are bully’s! His name is Bean, or beanie. I call him my beanie baby. I prefer him over my other male but he will be easier to rehome and adjust. Both males are very jealous and want to be boss. We spent over 1500 on one on one trying to try and get this behavior to stop as rehoming was our last resort. The fighting is getting worse and they are both neutered. This is a hard decision to make. Bean is the most loving cuddly bulldog. He will sit with you all day or lay in bed all day. Very low energy. As my other bulldog is EXTREMLY high energy. There are times when they seem to love each other unless one is on me. The trainer helped us recognize the signs when they are going to fight it’s just all the time now. Bean is house broken, will go for walks but is used to a fenced in yard. He sleeps in his crate while I work but in bed with me at night. He is sweet and loving and the best dog I have every had. But possessive. HE WOUKD DO BEST AS AN ONLY DOG. This is a must! He does NOT like to share his person. He would do best in a adult home. He does love everyone but doesn’t like to share his people. He loves to give kisses and super loving. He will chew for hours on his Chewy’s. He lives his crate and will make the RIGHT person the perfect pet! He rides fine in his car seat and is healthy and happy. If you have been looking for a French they us trained and house broken and do not want to spend 3000 on one then please contact us. Please understand he will not be happy with other dogs ... and does not like cats. I am not sure if he would be fine with a large dog but want his next home to be his forever home.


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