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January 27, 2019
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I have three very sweet tabby kittens needing homes. They are almost 9 weeks old, and are pretty much independent from their mother. The eat hard cat food as well as soft canned cat food and use the litter box almost better than their parents do! One male has a white and gray medium hair tabby coat and blue eyes, we call him Snow Ball but names can be changed of course. He is the most loving of the bunch and I just wish I could keep him as he is a gorgeous cat with an amazing personality. The other male Lunar has a brown, black, and white medium hair coat and greenish eyes. He is adventurous and fun, always the first to do things like use the litter box and eat solid food. The female, Starry, has a black and gray short hair coat and looks most like a traditional tabby, she is very playful and spunky she has no fear. They are free to any loving home, however they do need their shots and are not fixed. They were raise around 4 small children and 2 dogs so are socialized well.


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