Female Sugar Glider for Sale


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I got her in highschool and I was able to balance my studies, extracurriculars, and spending time with her very well. However, when I got into college I thought I would be able to balance my time out the same, but because of my major and the career I am heading into, my time with her had shortened unfortunately. I kept her for my first semester of college to see if I would be able to take care of her, but I cannot. I feel really bad having her by herself, and I believe that she would do better living with a caretaker who is able to spend more time with her. She's super sweet, and even though it's really hard to let her go, it's something I have to do so she can be in the best possible environment. Her cage, toys, and pouches are all included! She has Brisbane cage with a wheel, and also a traveling cage. I also have a mealworm farm that I will be happy to hand over as well!