Exquisite Pocket Pets in Bangor, Maine


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By Chance Caviary in Maine offers quality bred very fancy baby pocket pets; Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Fancy Rats and occasionally Skinny Pigs & Hedgehogs only to approved, qualified homes on pet contract. Our sweeties are raised in home, very small scale. We only typically have 30-40 adults at any given time. We do not offer shipping. Our sweeties aren't your typical ill bred pet store quality. Our treasures are well handled and socialized daily. They receive optimal nutrition such as various grass hays, premium commercial diets, and frequent regular diverse fresh foods. They also receive a lot of toys/environmental stimulus, play time, and loving handling. We use spacious caging, clean daily, and use quality bedding materials, accessories, feeders, commercial treats/supplements, etc. Furries are routinely treated with Selemectin to help prevent against parasites. Owner is a former 10 year Veterinary Assistant with 24 years breeding experience. We are currently maintaining a paid waiting list and also have babies ready now! Much more info is available on our website and facebook page. $75-$250+ each depending upon variety. www.bychancecaviary.com
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