English Springer Spaniel for Sale in Morristown, Tennessee

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English Springer Spaniel
Tennessee - TN
Hi my name is Minnie. I am a female 2 year old pure breed Springer Spaniel and I have been spayed. My mommy has gotten very sick recently and cannot take care of me anymore. I need to find a new mommy or daddy that likes to get lots of kisses. I LOVE TO GIVE KISSES! I wouldnt mind having one or two human brothers or sisters as long as they aren't too small. I dont want to accidentally knock them down in all my excitement. (Also I can sometimes pee a little in all my excitement as well, sorry!) As for my brothers and sisters of the fur variety I get along with them pretty well, but if they are bigger than me I tend to get scared. I also dont like loud noises. They scare me too, but if you get a rope or ball to play fetch with me when I get scared I will be alright. My favorite thing to do is play fetch!! Be careful where you leave them though cause I also like to eat my balls and ropes. My mommy got me a tennis ball with a blue rubbery cage around it and it lasted for a month or two before I was finally able to eat that as well. I like to play outside, but I have never lived there so if you become my new mommy or daddy you cant leave me out there either. I am an INSIDE ONLY kind of gal. When I am left alone though I can sometimes get into mischief by spreading around dirty clothes and left out food all over the house so mommy usually puts me in a crate while she is gone to work for the day. I like to sleep with my mommy or sister but if I have to I can sleep all by myself. And you dont have to worry about me waking you up in the middle of the night when I hear a funny noise because I almost never bark. In fact I've only barked a total of three times since my mommy has had me. I can follow commands pretty well especially if you say them twice. I also almost never pee or poop in the house as long as I am taken out on a regular basis and not left inside without a potty break for too long. I promise I am really good doggo and I need to find a really good hooman to go to. Mommy is sad that she has to give me up, but she just cant take care of me anymore so she wants to find the absolute best new mommy or daddy I can possibly get. So if you are looking for a fun family friendly pupper that wants nothing more than to be glued to your side receiving all the love I can get then please message my mommy.


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