Dalmatian Puppies for Sale in Tustin, Michigan

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February 17, 2019
Michigan - MI
Hello and welcome to our ad... must be you like beautiful spotted babies, we promise we have that covered and we are all looking for our furever homes and hope that maybe your home is the place for one of us!

We were born beginning the very early hours of Feburary 17th into the late morning, there are 10 of us all together 😯 8 girls and 2 boys this litter!! Mom is doing great and feeding us all quite well as we were all over a lb when we were born and are now at 2 weeks over 2.5+ lbs, our eyes are all open and we are starting to walk! We are chunky little things but have lots of love to give and are going to be FULL of spots!!!

We will be ready to go to our furever homes on April 14th at 8 weeks old and will have our first set of shots (6 weeks old), be dewormed every 2 weeks starting today at 2 weeks of age and will have our hearing checked before going to our furever homes. At 4 weeks of age (weekend of March 17th) you can come meet us and make your choice and at that time a deposit of $200 will be needed. The males are $600 and females are $650. If you would like to come meet us and maybe make your home our furever home please contact she has a lot more pictures and can answer any ?s you may have. Hope to see some of you in a couple weeks 🐾🐾😉🐾🐾
We are five weeks old today and are doing exceptionally well! We started walking really good around 3 weeks, hearing has been checked daily after 2 weeks of age and we all can hear the different sounds and pitches the humans are making. We dont really see much of mamma anymore but the humans are making us some yummy food now that we really enjoy and have been doing quite well with as our little teeth are pretty sharp and like to chew! We love to play and cuddles are even better as we are all very affectionate! Half of our litter has found their furever homes but there are still half of us searching and hope that we soon find one as our other siblings will be leaving us in just a couple weeks.
We are 6 weeks old today and will be receiving our first shots and another dose of dewormer today. We are almost ready to go to our furever homes we just have to finish weaning over to our new dog food and we will be set to go. The humans have been saying that we will be ready to leave next Sunday at 7 weeks as we started on just dry food yesterday and are doing well, will be getting our shots today and we are ready to go explore a little more of the outside world and get all the loving and cuddles we could hope for from our new owners. There are still 3 of us girls searching for our furever homes and we hope that we find one before our littermates start leaving us, we promise to be cute and only chew a little bit.