CKC Great Pyrenees Livestock and Family Guardian Puppies for Sale in Stafford, Virginia

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Great Pyrenees
Date Born
31 December 2019
Virginia - VA
Hop-Ayr Farms has two pure-bred Great Pyrenees male pups for sale. They were born on 31 December 2019 and are ready to go to your home. They have started and are excelling at house training as well as initial guardian training for goats and chickens. They both have been socialized with children and are very calm and responsive.

They have microchips and their initial shots and deworming complete.

Our Pyrenees adults roam in and out of the house and jointly work with us to keep our Boer Goats and English Orpington chickens safe. Dad is AKC registered. Mom is CKC and UABR registered. Pups can be CKC and UABR registered. Purchase price includes breeder registration documentation, shot record, registered microchip, weight record, collar with registerable QR code, three-day supply of food, and breed information.

Visit to learn more about Hop-Ayr Farms.

The price for our Pyr Pups (both male and female) is $500 with qualified discount and rebate ($650 without).


Responsible Owner Plan: $50 discount for submission of an approved responsible owner plan. A responsible owner plan demonstrates your understanding and ability to care for the unique needs of a Great Pyrenees. Your responsible owner plan can and should be adopted to suit your unique needs, but it must adequately address the following five information sections to qualify for the discount: [Note A]
  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the unique Pyr exercise and patrolling (guarding) requirements. How much area do you have and is your yard adequately sized? What precautions have you taken (e.g., fencing) to keep the Pyr secure at your home during exercise and patrolling? Share pictures in addition to a textual explanation.
  2. State that you have an existing relationship with a veterinarian and provide those details with your responsible owner plan.
  3. Describe your degree of comfort and understanding of shedding (a lot of shedding) and barking (yes, all Pyrs bark).
  4. Discuss your comfort with physically handling a dog that will weigh 90 or more pounds and that requires firm training because of their high intelligence and independence. Are you ready and able to provide the emotional support that your Pyr will need? They will consider themselves a part of the family and they need daily attention and to be treated as a part of the family. They also mature very late and stay puppy-like until well after two years old.
  5. What is your why? Why do you want a Pyr?
Neuter or Spay Rebate: $100 rebate redeemable for up to one year after the date of sale with presentation of evidence of neutering or spaying of your purchased Pyr pup. [Note B]
Failure to spay or neuter your pup may result in unexpected pups that may or may not be the breeding lines you intended or that may occur at a time when you cannot responsibly care for the pups. We strongly encourage all buyers to consider spaying or neutering.
Additionally, many veterinarians recommend, in particular for large breeds, that spaying or neutering be done later than the age at which purchase of the pups typically is complete (in some cases your veterinarian will may recommend a delay of up to a year). Our rebate time allowance is structured to allow you to follow your preferred veterinarian’s guidelines. Please do not delay claiming your rebate once the procedure is complete.

[Note A] Hop-Ayr farms reserves the right to refuse any sale to any buyer if Hop-Ayr farms believes such a sale could result in the placement of a Pyr pup into a home not prepared to be healthy, welcoming environment.
[Note B] It is your responsibility to provide Hop-Ayr farms with proof of spaying or neutering within the one year of date of sale to qualify. Mailed evidence must be received (not postmarked) by the deadline to qualify. Hop-Ayr farms will verify all claims of spaying or neutering prior to issuing the rebate. When submitting the rebate claim, please specify what form of rebate payment that you prefer out of the following options: PayPal or mailed check.


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