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Aren’t these little guys so cute?

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Heterozygous Beige or possibly Brown Velvet Chinchillas
Date Born
The kits above came as quite a surprise to our family! We purchased Mushu (mother) and Ashes (father) from a seemingly reputable pet store in September 2016 that informed us they were both males. We had loved and doted on our two fuzzballs for months and were surprised to find two additions to the family scampering around in the bottom of the cage one August 2018 morning! We had thought Mushu was just fat from all his (secretly her) sneaked treats! So, we quickly separated mom and dad, and bought a cage for the babies where mom could nurse and live with them. After days of research and consideration, we decided to keep the youngsters until they were old of enough to be weaned and self-sufficient.

Now that the babies are weaned, healthy, and vivacious as ever, we have decided to find a home for the pair. We can provide a small travel carrier and can discuss travel details upon inquiry.

Pippy and Poppy are
- beige colored with white bellies
- Six months old
- male
- and $300 for the pair or best offer

So, why adopt Pippy and Poppy?
- They have been hand-reared since their first days
- are super fluffy and sweet!
- and they deserve a good home.

If you're still not convinced, look at the above pictures and fall in love!
Also, take a look of the kits taking dust baths using the URLs below!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.


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