Chihuahua Puppies for Sale in Mason City, Iowa

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Mason City
Iowa - IA
I'm an experienced fur-mom of 4 Chihuahuas (not a breeder). My Daisy had 7 pups on March 22, 2019. Three pups are already spoken for. This is Daisy's 2nd litter. Her first litter of 6 pups went to new homes in WI, MI, MN, and IA in mid-December. They are all healthy and well-adjusted. My fur-parents send me regular pictures of them.

My pups come vet-checked with 2 sets of vaccinations (6wks and 8wks), de-wormed 5x (2,3,4,6,8 weeks), a collar, and a goody bag (shot records, comfort animal that smells of it's litter mates/mama, chewy, bag of dog food, and puppy pads). I focus on high quality meat-based foods which give pups a silky smooth coat, socializing pups, bathing, and potty training. My Chihuahuas are my family and I love them so! My fur-parents have mentioned that their pups are already mostly housebroken when they arrived at their new home! That means I've done my job and makes me happy :) While I realize $650 is a lot for the average family, it is a fair price for a quality Chihuahua. Breeders in this area tend to ask upwards of $1500. NYC prices are $2500-3500 depending on sex/markings. The price also means my pups go to a home that can afford quality pet food (I use Blue Buffalo) and regular veterinary care. I offer free delivery up to 2 hours in any direction of Mason City, IA.


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Good evening! I just found the posts tonight that you had done a while back. I am taking a longshot here, I realize that, do you happen to have any pups available? They are so precious!
Fondly, Phoenix


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That litter was sold in May; however, she is 9 days from delivery with a new litter. Most of females are spoken for, depending on coloring, but I can let you know when she delivers and what's available. Where are you located? FYI, buyer is responsible for pickup.