Bonded Pair of Sugar Gliders for Sale

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Gray Sugar Gliders
I have two gray female sugar gliders that I need to find a home for. One is around 2.5 years old, and the other about six months old. They are bonded so they would need to be re-homed together.

The older one is named Juno and the younger, Gwen.

I absolutely love them, but as of right now I live with my parents and they don't want them in the house. My schedule is also bound to get busier as I start school back in a few weeks. I would prefer them to go to someone who has owned gliders previously, because I've learned how tedious it can be to care for them, and I want them to go to a good home! If you have not owned sugar gliders before, I just ask that you do lots of research and prepare yourself!

For the two of them together, I'm asking for $200; meaning $100 each. If you are a good home for the girls, price can be negotiated slightly!

I also have these things available for purchase along with the gliders:
- a big cage with pull-out bedding tray
- a travel cage
- a small cage (for traveling purposes)
- two felt cage sets (each comes with a pouch)
- two extra nesting pouches
- a bonding pouch
- a few cage accessories/toys
- whatever food pellets remaining

We can do a bundle price if you'd like to purchase any of these things with the gliders! I'd like to find a home so it won't be anything too pricey, but I would like to get some of the money back spent on the cage/accessories!

PLEASE message me with any questions!


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