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German Shepherd
$200 Each or $300 for Both
I have a male and female German Shepherd, all black. just as sweet as can be. My grandmother is in the hospital and I don’t have the space for them. They are living with me currently, but she is ready to part with them.

What I know: They showed up as pups, she has estimated their age to be a year or less. She has given every shot they’ve needed, as she has with all her animals. They are crate trained, although absolutely hate being in one. They love to cuddle, talk, run, play, and EAT! They need lots of space to run and play, and would prefer them go to a home with a high, stable fence.

THEY DO NOT HAVE TO GO TOGETHER BUT WOULD PREFER THAT THEY DO. They have been together their whole life, but do their most damage with one another.

as they may be siblings, i would suggest NO BREEDING! My grandma would love to keep in touch with whomever takes them, because she hates that she has to get rid of them.

if you qualify for the said preferences, please let me know if you’re interested in one or both. thank you.


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