Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies from imported European Parents available April 18th!

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Berger Blanc Suisse
Date Born
February 21st, 2019
Location: State
New Jersey
Four female and six male Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd) puppies were born on Thursday, February 21st. They are for sale. Both parents were imported from Europe and are registered with an FCI-recognized registry. The Berger Blanc Suisse is a rare breed in the United States and not yet recognized by the AKC, but pups can be registered with the UKC. Both parents come from champion European lineage, but more importantly are amazing companions.

Their pedigree can be viewed here:

The Mother: Petra
Petra was imported from Europe and is the foundation bitch of our Berger Blanc Suisse breeding program. She is a lovely and sound representative of the breed, and oversees all of the goings on at the farm. Nothing escapes her watchful eye.

The Father: Alpha
Playful, loving, gentle giant with a smile in his heart. Alpha's already sired a search and rescue dog, a non profit's comfort dog for children with heart defects, and glorious companions for the lucky few others who purchased pups from his first litter. He's a head-turner who commands attention wherever I take him. I love Alpha to death and I hope you'll consider sharing my affection for this breed by reserving your pup today!

Call/text 3104608539 or visit for more info.