Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd Puppy for Sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd
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Colorado Springs
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Hello all. I have a puppy that I am trying to find a home for. He is such a sweet dog with a ton of potential but quite honestly I didn’t know what I was getting into.

He has been around kids, cats and other dogs. He does well with all. We go to the dog park often and he loves it.

I paid $500 for him and also put him thought a $1000 training program which I have receipts for.
He has learned a fantastic base for you to continue training. Sit, stay, leave it, off, paw, loose leash walking, and name recal. Obviously he is still a puppy and will continue to need to be worked with to maintain this. He is still a crazy puppy!

I just want him to go to a home that understands this breed and will give him a forever home. I will require a home check.

He does not have shots as I do only natural. Obviously that will be up to you if you adopt him.

I am asking $900 considering everything I have put into him and his breed. The pictures shown are him, his mother and father. Both parents are pure bred. Let me know if you’re interested. Thank you.


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