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Alegriya Grande kennel. Yorkshire and pure Biewer Terrier.

I am, Svetlana Bordner, a US representative of Anna Kalko, Alegriya Grande kennel owner, Yorkshire Terrier and pure Biewer Terrier breeder since 2003. As one of the top show breeders in Russia, nearly all of our breeding dogs are RKF-FCI champions (equals to AKC, it exchanges to the AKC format, and so it is valid in all countries of the world), with more than 6 generations of champions behind them. So you if you want a dog with a great personality, a beautiful face, and a lovely outline that looks like a Yorkie and Biewer should look, please contact me.

We have available right now Yorkshire and Briewer puppies and adult dogs with prospect for show breeding.

Nearly all of our mature dogs are RKF-FCI champions. Many of our pedigrees have 80 or more champions in 5 generations, which is what it takes to consistently produce World and Europe champions. Yorkshire Terriers and Biewer Terrier are the only breeds that we raise.

Our puppies are sold with possibility for breeding program. We do not ask for a spay/neuter agreement. Our pups are not allowed to leave until they are at least 4 month old (requirement for international shipping to US). By that time they've had most of their shots, are eating well, and are properly socialized. You'll have a well adjusted puppy that won't cry every night when you take them home.

SHIPPING The kennel located in Moscow, Russia. We know all specifications of international shipping. All our dogs come fully vaccinated, with international passport, chipped, with pedigree and etc. The cost of the shipping a puppy or an adult dog with person (special person will fly with the puppy to US and will deliver it hands to hands at the airport) is $500-700. It is best way to deliver the puppy from another country, - the puppy is more safe and you WON'T need to go through the customs. Please, contact me for exact info about the shipping from Russia.


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