2yr old Cat Named Pumpkin for sale

Pumpkin is a Calico Main Coon Cat that's really smart she can even open a dresser draw which she loves to do so that she can crawl up inside and curl into a beautiful fluffy ball to go to sleep.
I wish I could keep her but with the apartment I'm living in she's not allowed only ones allowed are my service cats now Pumpkin I was supposed to b babysitting but her owner never stuck to our agreement and paid me For my services and on top of all that she only visited poor pumpkin when I told her that if she really cared she'd at least try to stop by and visit well it's been months almost an entire year and it's been a long while since I've seen her so now although I love Pumpkin dearly I must now sale her or I will be Evicted and I really don't need that happening so....
For more information please email me @:
[email protected]
Or call 929 453 8953