Zeke needs a compassionate owner

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We are seeking a compassionate farm owner to become a forever home for Zeke. Zeke is a small, male, catahoula puppy (Louisiana cattle dog). Zeke is a special needs dog. He needs the outdoors and is not suited to city home life. Ideally, someone with a barn because Zeke prefers to be outside 90% of the time but like all animals needs the option to escape from the weather. He usually only comes inside if it is raining, to cool off during the hottest days, and at the latest parts of the night especially if cold.

We are willing to travel anywhere in the continental United States, if it means Zeke gets the home he deserves. With a human baby on the way in our tiny city home, we have no way to keep Zeke. He needs a home. With 70+ rescues unwilling to take him, we have only two choices. Find him a home in the next month or put him back in the pound. We are terrified he will not survive being put back in the pound. We just need a glimmer of hope for this little guy. Please check out the attached pictures of Zeke at the end. He is too cute!

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Zeke's Humble Beginnings

Zeke is an amazing pup! He was saved from euthanasia after being found in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Because he was a special needs dog, he was facing being put down at the local dog pound. Luckily, my husband and I scooped him up in time. The plan was to nurse him to a healthy place and help find a good home. We successfully got him to a healthy place and learned more about his special needs. From our observations and vet information, Zeke was severely abused as a puppy and either caused his disability or made it worse.

Unfortunately, finding a home proved the most challenging. Too many people are unwilling to show compassion to a special needs animal, unless the disability is cute or easy. When direct re-homing wasn't working, we began reaching out to special needs dog rescues. We have reached out to over 70 rescues but none were willing to take Zeke. They either didn't have room, said they don't take dogs from individuals (as opposed to organizations), or never responded. If keeping Zeke ourselves was an option, we would. Our hearts love him, but our tiny city home will never meet his needs.

Zeke's Personality

Zeke has a lot of love to give! He has come so far. When we pulled him out of the local pound, he was euthanasia bound. He was severely malnourished, abused, unresponsive to love, and very scared. It took time, patience, and love but Zeke came around. He is not the same terrified pup. He is now lively and energetic! He craves attention. Zeke loves to be pet but even more he loves doggy friends. He gets so excited for head scratches or playing with his foster sibling that he will whimper with anticipation! When he hears his foster sibling coming outside, even though she is an old girl, he will run and wait outside the dog door, shaking with excitement.

Zeke is very intelligent and still a pup. For this reason, he needs to be something to do. Boredom is the worst for intelligent dogs, especially those like Zeke bred for farm work. Being outside helps Zeke with this because he can wander. Also, he needs doggy friends. He is so loving and easily lonely. He will cry to be near other dogs. If cooped up indoors, he deals with his loneliness and restlessness by dragging around anything fluffy like socks, blankets, or towels and chewing cords, plastic, or shoes. Despite his frail physique, Zeke has decided he is guardian of the house. He patrols the fence and watches for dangers. It's cute. He acts like a big defender but changes his mind if people actually get close. In his mind, he is a big tough guy.

Zeke's Needs

Zeke is very active and energetic. He does have special needs. Zeke is basically a normal puppy, except a weakened (partially paralyzed) back half and he is a runt. He is about a year and a half years old and weights about 30 pounds. The vet believes his disability is a combination of a congenital, neurological defect and the product of physical abuse. Zeke is very resilient though. He can still walk and, with our help, has learned to run. Although, he looks adorably silly when he runs and is clumsy. His tail doesn't function, so no wagging. Zeke sometimes has trouble standing up after laying down for a long time, but he can manage. Zeke does not sit. He doesn't have the physical capability for sitting because of his partially paralyzed hind. Zeke gets claustrophobic inside. He wants to be outside with room to run around. He LOVES the outdoors. When he is inside, he needs to wear a diaper because he can't control when he goes potty. He also needs a baths regularly because he can't clean himself well on the back end. If wearing diapers, he will need to be bathed very frequently. To be honest, Zeke hates the diapers, probably because he has sensitive skin. It seems he would prefer to not be allowed in the main house and use something like a barn for sleeping, rather than deal with the diaper. Ideally, Zeke needs a place like a farm to live. He doesn't seem suited for city life. He wants to wander. He is a cattle dog type after all.

Zeke deserves a fighting chance! Please be the animal lover he needs.

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