Protecting Yourself in Online Discussion Boards


Staff member
Web forums are incredible things. They connect and help people and they can assist with solving a lot of problems. The issue is, much of the time, while browsing around and connecting with others on these types of discussion boards, you really don't have any idea of who it is you're actually connecting with. Sure, they may have uploaded a photo of themselves and they may have created an innocent looking username, but what do you truly know about the person you're dealing with? Unless you know the person in real life, the sad part is, you know nothing about the person you've connected with online. At any moment, anyone can join anything and upload any photo and make up any screen name. That's the truth.

The software we use for these forums is robust and powerful. It includes many features to keep the forums clean and free from spam. What is can't do is a background check on everyone who registers for an account. That's simply impossible, so it's imperative that you know how to stay safe and protect yourself while browsing on and engaging with others on our website.

There are a few rules we'd like you to follow while here:

1. Never give out your personal information. Don't reveal your full name, email address, physical address or phone number. These are things you shouldn't do on the internet anyway, but we felt that we should mention this here, just in case.

2. Establish relationships cautiously. Move slowly when getting to know other users. There's no reason to jump into anything quickly. Trust is earned and before you trust anyone with anything, be sure you know exactly who they are.

3. Report bad actors to us. Bad actors are users who say nasty things to others. They're users who attempt to persuade others into doing things they wouldn't normally do. They bully and threaten and are manipulative. If you come across one or more of these types of people, use the contact form to let us know about it. Just be sure to include their username. We'll look into the situation and block the individual if the situation warrants it.

4. If you do need to report someone to us, you can include screenshots or other evidence from outside websites, if that would help. That would make our jobs easier and it would also keep these boards cleaner and more fun for everyone.

5. In general, be careful online and on these boards. Don't let someone talk you into giving them your name or address or anything else that's personal. Don't let them tell you some fake sob story about how they're trapped overseas and need your bank account number to get out of their situation. Just be careful.

6. And finally, have fun. There are annoying and bad people all over the earth. Let's keep them off of this website so we can enjoy ourselves.