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If you've ever visited a discussion forum before, you've most likely seen a line or two under a member's postings that contained their name, website address and social media accounts. Maybe even a short blurb about themselves. This is what's referred to in the biz as a Signature. People add these to their forum accounts to help promote themselves and their services. It's a great idea to add one of these because every time someone with a signature makes a new post or responds to someone else's post, they're essentially advertising themselves right through the links in their signature. Here's a quick example of what one of these things might look like:


Jay G - Pet Lover Extraordinaire
Visit me at DailyPet.US or on Facebook or Twitter.


See? How cool is that?

Okay, to add your own signature to your account, simply click on your username up top (you need to be logged in) and then click on the Signature link. From there, you'll see what to do. You just need to fill in the big field with all your info. Get creative and have fun! Remember though, everyone is going to see this signature, so be sure it's really great.