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Hello, my name is Shi’kel Fluellen. I am a 22 years old and I attend College in Ohio! I was grateful to come across my precious fur baby Paris back in 2016. I’ve had the pleasure to give Paris a better life and she has been the perfect pet companion dealing with an autoimmune disease. I had decided to breed Paris with a lovely stud; a miniature black poodle. I wanted to share some of Paris lovely Maltese genes. She is very calm, healthy, loveable, affectionate and oh so adorable. As the dad, a miniature black poodle; healthy, taken great care of like a “king” his moms says! I have been appreciating this experience taking care of Paris and her beautiful 1st litter of 5 maltipoos. I have 2 adorable puppies available. Two girls, Stella and Hazel. Stella is so precious; she was the first girl that was born. She takes more after Paris Maltese facial features and hair texture. Hazel takes more of her dad poodle genes with her curly hair pattern. She is all black with a speck of white tips on her front paws and chest. These precious babies we born on September 13, 2018 around 12pm. They are currently 8 weeks growing strong and healthy! They have received their 1st puppy booster shot on November 2, 2018. They have had their 1st and 2nd deworm on October 10- September 2018. I really want my “glambabies” as I call them to go to their perfect home; that’s truly my wish. Please, if you are really interested and believe that you’ll be the perfect fur parent; contact me via e-mail.


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