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I am a home breeder, business email [email protected], presently I have one bitch tri-colored Husky and one male Rot. both turned 1 year old on January 10th, 2020. They both are in excellent health, have vet papers to backup immunizations. This litter is my girls first litter, and they are in excellent health. I am only going to breed one - two litters a year, one from each bitch. I am in the process of acquiring another female Husky at the present time. The dog I am getting my female from hasn't whelped yet but is due in approximately 6 weeks. I have both male and female dogs that were responsible for the current litter of 9 Rottsky puppies and they are on premise for viewing. Both dogs are family pets. The Rot is a good looking German Rot and hasn't actually filled out yet, has reached his ht. but has a year or two to get fully muscled. He will be a big boy. I am presently finishing out my full basement for areas to put my puppies in at night, no kennels just a large area with grass tech carpet for them to stay overnite and give the two older dogs I own some rest at night. Also with the idea I have no idea how the new female will react towards the father of the next litter after she whelps later when she is old enough. The Rottsky breed is all I will breed. Prior to breeding Rotskies I had Labs but the owners of the labs I used to get my litters from have retired. The litter will have been registered by the DBR (Designer Breed Registry) and their first set of immunizations givens, second set if on premises long enough. The puppies won't be named but collared as Boy 1, 2, 3 and female 1, 2 etc. If any puppies remain here more than 16 weeks they will have to be named. Thank you for reading my post and your interest in my Rottsky pups. The top picture is the bitch of course, the second the male, and the 2nd and 3rd are two of the litter, a female and male, in that order. You may email me for other pictures. I think you will fall in love with them at first sight.


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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for joining and please feel free to share pictures of your wonderful puppies.

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