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Consumers frequently ask us "How do I sell products and services through classified ads online?", so we decided to setup this page of helpful tips as a guide. If you are buying, selling or advertising, our advertising network can help. If you are selling a product or service, we have specialized categories for you. We feel that our free classifieds, extensive Internet reach and helpful tips will make your next sale or purchase an easy one.

Selling Tips

If you wish to advertise your products and services for sale on our free classifieds website, we have a number of tips you should put to practice in order to get a quick sale and maximum value out of your advertisement.

1. Short precise ads work better. We allow for longer ads, but that does not mean you need to place longer ads.

2. Your goal should only be to get the prospective customer to contact you or visit your website for more information.

3. Use action words (i.e. Now, Amazing, Attractive, Confidential, etc.). These words call the customer to do something.

4. Make your product appear unique to all other product available (if any).

5. DO NOT try to sell your customer on your product in your ad. Just lead them to you.

6. Spark an interest or curiosity in your advertisement.

7. Use your ad title to grab the interest, use the ad to spark curiosity. Remember, your ad title is crawled by search engines. Be very descriptive. Make your title text what you think people might be searching for. People don't search for "This is the Best!" or "For Sale."

8. More than likely, you will not achieve good results from a product that is saturated on the Internet, or a product that is so obscure that it has no perceived value.

9. Posting the same ad over and over and over in a row is called "SPAMMING." Spamming will get your ads banned from our website and will get your account terminated. In addition, our research has shown that customers who see the same ad many times in a row do not respond. No one likes a spammer.

10. Track and monitor your results. This is critical. If your ad does not attract results, change the ad with the next posting. Your frame of mind should be to learn through trial and error. Find the ads that work for your product.

12. DO NOT try to make your product appear too good to be true. Leave out the hype. The Internet has grown, and hype does not sell anymore. Just state the real facts.

Signs & Flyers

You should place a "For Sale Sign" on or around the items you would like to sell. You can buy these from a local store, or if you already have an ad listed with us, you can create a custom "For Sale" sign free of charge from within your account. Remember to place your items in a high traffic area (like near a shopping mall entrance) to get the most inquires.

You can also do the same to create a custom "For Sale Flyer" to display in local grocery stores, community & recreation centers, golf courses, churches, college campuses...anywhere you might find an announcement or bulletin board that allows advertising. Related "For Sale Signs & Flyers" are free to all sellers using our network.

Buyers who see your sign or flyer are directed to our free classifieds website and can visit your ad to view the details of your product day or night. Remember to place your signs and flyers in a high traffic area (like near a shopping mall entrance) to get the most inquires. Buyers can "tear off" you contact info.

Use A Photo

A good photo can improve response to your ad by 150% or more! Take a photo with a digital camera or cell phone or ask your local photo finishing shop to make a few jpeg's (from a hard copy) for you on a disk or cd. From within your account you can add photos plus descriptions anytime. Be sure to take a few different shots, it's also best to inform any potential buyer with close-up shots of any defects or damaged areas.

Set The Right Price

You know how much you want for your items, but do you know how realistic that price really is? Find out what your item is really worth using local pennysavers or newspaper classifieds. You can also search through our website for other similar items to yours to see what others are asking.

State in your description that the price is OBO (or best offer) - this might convince buyers to call or email you if the price is close to their budget. This will also give you the opportunity to justify the price and negotiate the sale.

Good Presentation

Perceived value goes a long way! Tidy up your items before you sell them. First impressions are everything! Wash the item and take your photos on a nice, sunny day.

Extended Advertising

Even though you want to sell your products and services online, another effective option is to use your classified Ad No. to market your product or service beyond our website. Buyers can be pulled to your online ad from other online classifieds, as well as from traditional advertising like in your local newspaper. Hold your description to a minimum while leading buyers to more descriptive online details and photos. You can measure your success by the number of page views your ad receives.

Newspaper Example:
$10k/obo. Call 555-5555 or # 55555

When logged in to our free classifieds website, use our metrics to see the number of times someone has replied to your ad, the number of times someone has viewed your ad and the number of times someone "Told a friend" about your ad.

Maximizing Inquiries

As mentioned above, when you view your ad detail page, or log into your account, we show you the number of ad views your ad has received since posted. This information can be used by you to decide what changes might be useful. For example, if the ad views show that a lot of people have been looking at your ad, but you're not getting enough inquiries, maybe you need to add a photo or the current photo needs to be replaced with a better one, or maybe you need to adjust the asking price slightly - check the selling price in your area. If the ad views are low you may need to change your headline to attract more clickthroughs.

Showing Your Items

When trying to sell your items online, you may still need to show it face-to-face. Meet in an agreed upon public area and try to take someone with you. Safety in numbers. Be honest with potential buyers about any serious problems or repairs. Dress respectably. If you don't appear to take good care of yourself, your buyer may feel that is how you treated your items as well!

Closing The Sale

Write a receipt for your items between you and your buyer with signatures on both copies. Include a statement that the item is being bought "as is."

Include all pertinent info on the receipt so the terms of the deal cannot be misinterpreted. Keep the receipt for your records. It will establish the date of sale and help protect you from any future liability.

Buying Tips

Do Some Research

You know how much you have or want to spend, but do you know how realistic that "deal" you found really is? Find out what similar items are selling for in local newspapers and other ads on this website.

Closing The Sale

Make sure the seller writes a receipt for both of you with signatures on both copies. The seller will likely include a statement that the item is being bought "as is" so make sure you are comfortable with this. Ask to have all the pertinent information on the receipt so the terms of the deal cannot be misinterpreted. Keep the receipt for your records.

Avoiding Scams

All types of buyers & sellers have flocked to the Internet in recent years to search for killer deals on "pre-owned" products.

Here are some of the most common scams directed toward buyers & sellers online:

Certified Check Scams - This scam is often perpetrated on sellers of items over the Internet thorough classified ads and auctions. A buyer indicates that he wants to buy the item and pay with a cashier's check. At the last minute, the buyer creates a reason why he needs to write the check for more money and have the seller wire him the difference. The check turns out to be a fake, but it is often discovered long after the seller has wired the money. In addition, the seller is responsible for covering the money for the fake check. To avoid check scams, call the issuing bank before you accept the check and wait for the check to clear before you transfer anything to the seller.

Bogus Escrow Services - Online sellers often use escrow services, which collect and verify payment from a buyer. The money is held by the service until all parties are satisfied with the sale. There have been some instances of phony escrow services operating on the Internet.

The best way to avoid most scams is to make sure you never transfer anything to a buyer until you have the cash in your hand. That means, you either get cash from the buyer or wait for the cashier's check to clear. Avoid buyers who will never meet you or never wish to see your items in person (overseas). Avoid taking personal checks and allowing buyers to pay your items off over time.

If buying, always verify the seller actually has/owns the item for sale and meet them face-to-face to view the items. If you follow these few precautions, your buying and selling experience should go smoothly.
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