How You Can Receive Push Notifications From DailyPet.US


Staff member
We recently upgraded the software our website runs on and one of the huge new features is the ability for us to send out what's referred to as Push Notifications. If you aren't aware of what these types of notifications are, they'be basically little messages you opt in to receive in your desktop browser, tablet or on your mobile phone. Think about the notification area where you receive small messages when someone send you an email, a service sends a weather update or a company sends stock price updates or any other type of notification you receive in real time. It's sort of like receiving an email, but you don't need to be logged into anything, except your phone or computer. It's really rather marvelous.

Would you like to receive these types of notifications for threads you're watching on our website? If so, you can either sign up by clicking on the small message that appears at the bottom of our website automatically or you can head into your account preferences by clicking on your username at the top of DailyPet.US and then Preferences. Inside the Preferences area, you can click the button that says Enable Push Notifications. This button will only be available if your device supports this type of feature.

Once you allow the notifications, you'll receive a message in your cell phone or your browser when something you're watching is updated or if you receive some sort of a response from someone.

Let us know what you think of this. It's pretty exciting!