How to Register For an Account


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We have this website set up with safety and avoiding spam in mind. One of the measures we take to keep these discussion forums as high quality as possible is to ask users to register for an account before making any posts. If users didn't register, I can only imagine how much junk would find its way onto these boards. As long as there's a registered user's account connected to any bad posts that are reported or seen, we can easily remove that account to remove all the posts in one fell swoop. Anyway, that's the reasoning for making people sign up for an account before contributing any content.

How to Register

To register, simply click the Register link at the top of the website. When you do that, a box will appear that asks you for the username you're like to use for your account, your email address, the password you'd like to use for your account as well as a form of verification. Currently, we use Google's CAPTCHA verification, which is the easiest available. You don't need to type in any weird looking numbers or letters. All you need to do is check a box.

Once you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy by checking the appropriate box, you'll need to click on the Register button. If there are any issues with the username you've chosen, you'll be told about that at this point. Otherwise, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you just used. Please be sure to check your spam folder for this confirmation email. For some reason, they end up in there a lot. After you open the email message, click the confirmation link, return to our website and begin writing posts.