How to Edit a Post


Staff member
We've seen a trend occurring here on DailyPet where someone starts a new thread, writes what they'd like to write and then submits it for approval. We approve the thread and then we see another thread created a little while later. This new thread is almost identical to the previous one. We then notice that the member deleted the previous thread because they wanted it replaced by the new one. The reason they give for deletion is something like, "Needed to update some information..." or something like that.

I'm here to say that there's no need to delete an existing thread due to updated information. All you need to do is simply edit it. To edit a post inside of a thread, scroll down to the bottom of the thread and then click on the Edit link. From there, the post will become editable once more and you can update whatever you'd like to update. When you're finished, save the post and if it hasn't been approved by us yet, we'll approve it. If it's already been approved, the post will update immediately. It's really that easy, so again, there's no need to delete what you've already created. Simply edit it from now on to update the information contained within it.