How to Bookmark Threads & Posts on DailyPet.US

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Our last website upgrade brought us some wonderful new features, including the ability to bookmark threads for use later on. This is an extremely helpful capability to have because now, when you browse a thread or post that you like, you don't have to commit it to memory or save it as a bookmark to your browser. You can do all of that right inside of DailyPet.US.

To bookmark a thread, simply navigate to that thread. Then, find the small bookmark icon in the upper right portion of the thread; it looks like a small ribbon or...bookmark. Click the icon and fill in the Message and Label fields and then click the Save button. After that, you'll be all set. Those two fields I just suggested you fill in help you organize things in your bookmark list.

To find your list of saved bookmarks, navigate to your account information by clicking on your username up at the top of the website. Then, locate the Bookmarks link and click that. Everything you've saved will be listed there.