How to Add to or Reply to an Existing Thread

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If you are viewing an existing thread and would like to add to it or reply to a thread inside of it, simply scroll down to the area beneath the latest post and begin typing in the field. Terminology matters here. You aren't creating a new thread because you're already inside of a thread. What you'll be doing is creating a new post. Posts are contained inside of threads. If you'd like to create a new thread, please read this post that I shared previously. The title of that post is sort of misleading. In it, I describe how to "create a new post." While you will be, in fact, creating a new post, that post will be the first in a new thread. To reply to an existing post that's already in an existing thread, go down to the area beneath the last post, as I explained above.

If you'd like to reply to a specific piece of text within a post, you may highlight the text with your mouse and then, when the Reply popup appears, click that word. By doing so, you'll be transported down to the field I spoke of above and you'll have an opportunity to type inside the field, below the snippet of text you just highlighted.

When you're all set, click the Post Reply button below the field you just typed inside of.