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At Henson Acres, we pride ourselves on raising members of your family. We originated as a small farm owned and operated by Tim Henson in rural Southwest Michigan. I am a masters level social work, religion, and public health major, but farming is in my blood. Given my background, we have always striven to raise the best animals possible as well as to keep our customers close to the heart of our farm.

We were formerly located on 20 acres in Paw Paw, Michigan. In case you've never heard of Paw Paw, don't worry, most people haven't. Paw Paw is about 25 minutes west of Kalamazoo or an hour and a half southwest of Grand Rapids. I've been raising and breeding animals since I was 10 and have enjoyed every minute of it.

We are now located in Portage, Michigan-which is the sister city to Kalamazoo. I started raising Cream Legbars in 2012 and raised them until 2016. I strove to improve them as much as possible and even had the Cream Legbar Club (the United States organization for breeding Cream Legbars) often refer people to me because of the quality that I had worked to get. While I no longer raise Cream Legbars, I bring that same passion and dedication to everything else I do.

All Goldendoodle puppies are lovingly raised to be members of your family. As a former chicken farm, we keep close to our roots-even keeping the chicken in our logo to this day.

For more information, feel free to check us out at www.HensonAcres.com


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