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Hello all! My name is Bobby and I have a darling wife named Karissa and two beautiful children; a son named Canasn and a daughter named Charli Grace. They are the loves of my life! Coming in a close second though however our our animals, a German Shepherd dog named Rocky Balboa, a long haired with federal service aide certifications. We also have Coco, Who is the featured hero in our welcome thread! Coco is a purebred Maltese, and she is the sweetest dog ever! We pre-planned her conception date with a Malti/poo cross breed, and on December 11, Coco whelped and had four beautiful amazing puppies, one of which that has already been taken off the market for a good faith deposit. We have temporarily named them fe fi fo and fum. They have the sweetest faces and are so cute! They are just now starting to grow there for a really fast and they are currently six weeks old! The mom is currently winning them off breastmilk and they are taking to wet dog food very well! We will be selling them between nine and 11 weeks depending on them acclimating to hard puppy food. I will post a couple pictures but you can also go to our page for additional information on the puppies! Thank you so much for your time!


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Very cool! Good luck with everything and welcome aboard! By the way, you may want to add a signature to your account to help out with promotion. You can list your names, website and social media channels there. Click on your username up top and then click Signature. Fill in the field and you'll be all set. This way, every time you make a post on this website for a new ad or in response to someone else's posting, you'll be promoting yourself via your signature.