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French Bulldog
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We need to re-home our sweet CoCo Channel! Through no fault of her own, we think it would be best to find her another home. Our living situation is changing and we won't be able to keep her.

CoCo is a beautiful fawn one year old (DOB 12/13/2017) French bulldog.
She's a very sweet, gentle, fun, cute dog. We get compliments on her every time we wak her.
She has European bloodlines (Ukraine). She comes with an international passport that has all of her vaccination history in it. Because she's internationally bred, she does not have AKC or CKC papers.
She is a true companion animal. She follows me around wherever I go. She would not do well being left alone all day. She wants to be with a person (I'm not sure if another dog might be able to fill this role).
We have a 17 month old, and CoCo is wonderful with her. She'll let her do anything to her without responding. I would describe her as excellent with children.
These dogs can be very difficult to potty train. CoCo is finally potty trained. I take her out to potty about every three hours so there aren’t accidents. I think a dog door setup would be ideal. I wish we could have had that for her.
We were planning to breed CoCo so she is not spayed. She had her first heat at 9 months and so she's due to go back into heat in three months.
She’s not a barker.
CoCo really is a good dog!
She would make a wonderful addition to your family.

We are asking $2,000 (firm) for her. If you don't want to pay $2,000 for her, please do not waste our time. We will not ship CoCo and want to meet her new owners in person to make sure it is a good fit.

This is hard for us because we love this little girl. We don’t want to go back and forth over price. We feel like this is a great deal to get a potty trained french bulldog that still will play with you like a puppy (best of both worlds).


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