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French Bulldog (Intact)
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$2,000 or More if You Want!
Bentley is an amazing specimen not just as a French Bulldog but as a best friend. I got him 1 1/2 years ago so he's coming up on his second birthday. I've trained him in a similar sense as I would one of the kids. To explain I never give him treats for tricks but rather good behavior or just simply existing. I don't see Bentley as anything less than family and thats why I'm posting him. Our life has been flipped upside down and he's traveled in the car without a single issue for over 3,000 miles. I love his personality and ability to be ok as long as he's with me and again thats why I'm listing him. he deserves the company of someone that isn't going nonstop or so exhausted our walks and play time are cut short.
Bentley is completely trained with good manners he is a dog food and smells interests him but he always respects your spacer when its time he will cuddle til you both grow old if you let him and he will love you so deeply and thats my only stipulation and reason for the adoption cost its the only way I will rest easy is if I know he's with someone loving hm as much as he deserves.
Bentley is picture perfect with the black outline on top of his strawberry red fur outlining his one of a kind Bully smile. Yes he is classified as a fawn in color but thats cuz the red is not common enough the recognize by the A.K.C. He weighs 17-19 pounds 20-25 pounds is tipping the scale no pure frenchie should exceed 25lbs and literally a magazine quality for his looks. although once your friends with him everyone saying "Oh what a perfect looking frenchie" and all your thinking as you reply thanks is that they have no idea how perfect he is. He doesn't need a leash, he doesn't have accidents in the house, he well behaved at the dog park and never has drama and all around the best dog I've ever known to top it off he rarely barks! The first time you hear it you will double take. If your a good fit for Bentley he's going to pay you for way more than any money in my opinion whoever you are Bentley just made you and your family very lucky people. $4,500 picture perfect Red Frenchie who doesn't pee or poop in your home and loves everyone! ill end my post there too emotional and I will start taking myself out of whats best for him. Thank you for reading and I hope his new best friend is grabbing the phone. Thanks everyone I'm sure a majority of you know what it feels like to make a selfless decision and relocate your best friend. I welcome questions negotiation whatever just inquire the most important thing is who gets lucky enough to have him as a friend and you being the one to repay him just as deeply as he deserves.


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