Forum Rules & Regulations


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Every internet discussion board has a few rules to follow. We're no different, so please take a moment to review what you can and can't do on this website.

Board Etiquette

1. Treat other users with respect. Don't annoy them or badger them. No harassing, attacking, threatening, provoking of generally bothering anyone. You know what these things are. Please don't engage in them.

2. Keep it clean. Pretend you're talking to your parents or your daughter/son and don't write or include anything that's objectionable, obscene or rude.

3. Stay away from the bad guys. If you see a post that's obviously breaking some sort of etiquette or rule, report that post to us. Don't respond to the post or comment on it.

4. Protect people's privacy. Don't disclose private conversations between members publicly. Don't include the names or usernames of others in posts unless it's okay with that user. Also, don't include anything private in any photos you post. We'll remove it any you'll have wasted your time.

5. Keep discipline quiet. We will not share any disciplinary actions publicly on the forums. You shouldn't tell others about any disciplinary actions either.

6. Don't get gutsy. Please don't become aggressive with any moderator or board admin. This is a tough job and if there's an issue, we can resolve it with you in private so we're all happy.

7. Keep sensitive opinions to yourself. No everyone enjoys your opinions as much as you do. Please respect others who may appreciate different ideas about things. Don't aggressively try to persuade someone to your way of thinking. That's just being polite.

8. No impersonating others. Only one account per person. Don't create another account that has a similar username to someone with the intent to deceive.

9. Quality counts. Make your posts good and worthwhile to read. Don't post things just for the sake of making a post. Think about what you want to share and before you share it, think about if others will want to read it.

Things That Will Get Your Account Removed

1. Spam. We can't stand spam and neither can anyone else. Posting spam is the fastest way to getting your account removed.

2. If we see anything that's illegal on this website, we'll quickly remove it once we see that it exists. The account that posted it will also be blocked. No piracy, phishing, fraud, adult content, illegal drug use and no abuse of anything human or animal. No photos or videos of these things either. This isn't the place for that. Don't even post stories, recollections or quotes regarding these things.

3. We have a Report button so members can tell us about bad users and posts. Please don't abuse this feature. Report something once if you feel it should be removed. Only once. Don't worry, we'll get it.

4. Please don't challenge us over and over. Don't make our lives difficult. We'll explain the situation to you if you are unsure about something, but if you become difficult, the entire community can do without you.

5. Sharing sensitive information. Don't post real information about members. That's rude and you're account will be removed because of it.

6. Insulting members. This forum reaches all different types of places where all different types of people live. Respect them as you'd like them to respect you, no matter how they choose to live their lives.