F1B Labradoodle Puppy for Sale

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October 8, 2018
Meet Stella! Stella is an 11 week old, F1B Labradoodle puppy who is beautiful + is looking for her forever family! Her mom is a Labradoodle and her dad is a Poodle. She is up to date on shots + deworming. Stella is very calm natured, very smart and attentive and is already on her way to being housebroken. She runs to the door when she has to go! She is excellent with small children and other dogs. She really is the perfect dog for families or couples who want a low to nonshedding, calm, sweet fur friend to spend forever with! Stella will sit and watch tv and be content being by your side, and if you initiate play, she will gladly join! She is so smart and quick with learning we really are so proud of her! We're hoping to find someone who will love this beautiful girl + give her all the attention she needs!

As we will no longer need her things, her Medium-sized crate, crate bed, and toys will be included in the cost. Her crate will work for her up until she's full grown! She's currently using the divider since she is just a little puppy, but we hope that knowing you won't have to go get new things for Stella will make the choice for you to take her home with you that much easier! Even though her sweet face is enough


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